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Everyone Hates You When…..

You wear a backpack on the bus. (everyone hates you…even the driver.)

How you are made to feel..


Your umbrella pokes them in the face and you carry on unknowingly  


Apparently this is Douche Bag Steve's jam.

Apparently this is Douche Bag Steve’s jam.

You use the last of anything (milk, toilet paper, spicy chipotle mayo…etc..)

How could you do that?

You sneeze (anytime, ever – death stares.)

You are gross.

You call someone and they call you right back and YOU don’t answer ….

It’s just ringing……

You ask more than one question – ever.


Like this idiot.

You eat most of the tapas plate that you didn’t even order


You don’t know what you want to order when you get to the front of the line


What the duck said…


You stand right at the bottom of an escalator.





You’re in the returns line to return things like paper towels, SwifterJet refills, or gum


Why is this happening?


You fuck with Puss in Boots….

Fucking Pissed.

This is How I Feel Today.

‘This is How I Feel Today’ is by Jaclyn  my roommate and dear friend. This week her room flooded and we had to move into a hotel that was made in the 1950’s and smells like peanut butter. ‘This is How I Feel Today’ is a depiction of the inner turmoil between being pissed as shit at our bro-tastic fratty landlords for never fixing the fucking leak in November, having to live in a peanut butter motel, looking for a new apartment and moving – all while having to work a 9-5 job.

The below could not be any more spot on.


is how