I can’t explain it. I just hate Virginia.

Until I realized that I could explain it – it sucks. And after I posted my hatred on facebook  – it seemed as though I was not alone. I’m not only not alone but surrounded by my fellow countrymen rejoicing in the fact that all people – young and old, tall and short, smart and intelligent, beautiful and courageous – hate Virginia too.

I grew up in Maryland and now live in DC. Neither place is anything to gloat about but at least it’s not fucking Virginia. There is no bigger eye sore than staring across the beautiful flowing rapids of the brown Potomac River than having your eye gaze upon *puke* Virginia. That mushy, mosquito infected landfill that they call a river –  is the only thing that keeps us from the trolls and all the world’s despair. And thank the lord for it. I know. Harsh. To be honest, I really don’t hate anything – I’m a super happy, optimistic person who always tries to find the good in things – except for Virginia. I have no idea where this festering distaste for such a caca poo-poo platter of a state comes from – probably from the same place of hate where Duke and the Dallas Cowboys live. In fact, if  Mike Krzyzewski and Tony Romo moved to Virginia – we could all call it hell.

People try to sell me on it – “Oh hey, its not that bad – we have Dogfish Head bars and chain restaurants.” Or is that Germantown? Who the fuck knows – they are both equally as shitty.

“But its so much cheaper.” Well, yes. But there are reasons why shittier things are cheaper – they are shitty – chello?

Also, what is the deal with every fucking guy on every dating site living in Virginia? Is it because they are all single because no one will date people who live there? The minute I see Reston, Arlington, Alexandria, or god forbid – Manassas (Although, thank you Manassas – you have the word “ass” in your city name which is very fitting). I click next, pass, hell no, get me the fuck out of here. It will never work. I will never travel to Virginia – it would end up being a long distance relationship even though the actual commute is 10 minutes. Which is just silly.

And another thing. Why are the roads always fucked? Why does every one of them lead to a Cracker Barrel or something equally as dumb and unwanted? Where are the black people? I miss them. Why do all the drivers suck? Why are there so many tolls? To pay for more shitty things? Go shoot a gun or make a squirrel hat.

The only time I ever went to Virginia was  in 2012 and to go on an date with this guy I met on a online dating site – regrettably (I know I said I never would but I did, this once). I figured considering 95% of men on dating sites live in Virginia I should maybe just give it a shot. Big Mistake. I got lost……on the metro….. I will take partial responsibility because I’m a walking, talking directional idiot but still…I blame most of it on Virginia and the universe just probably not wanting me to go there. I ended up in Franconia-Springfield. Which for anyone from around here knows that is far as fuck and at the end of the yellow/blue line. So, I was an hour late showing up to a bar I didn’t want to go to (I felt like an asshole – I’m never late and actually get anxiety attacks when I am. So I did feel bad for the guy. I felt worse for him that he lived in Virginia though.) Anyways, I finally make it to a bar called something generic like “Arlington Ale House” or “Clarendon Suck my Cock” and he’s there sitting, all five foot three of him. Now I feel like a bigger asshole. I’m six feet tall and I look like a pedophile. There’s an 80’s cover band playing (naturally). We talk about things. He’s fine. Like a person who has a head and talks out of it. Which is fine. Its just boring.  I’m about to shove him in the back of my white van when I feel like I should just leave rather than get thrown in jail for stealing something I didn’t even want. I say goodnight and walk to the metro. Which is fucking closed. So I  paid $40.00 to cab out of a place I despise. So long Virginia – I will never step foot in you again. Except when I travel internationally, maybe go to the Costco or Total Wine, or just now because I have to pick up something real quick. doh.

Welp. That’s all I have to say about that. Feels good.


  1. Cinny

    You must’ve just seen the patomac, and I agree. It looks like diarieah. Anyway, I live in virginia and in the middle of the fall line in a quite buetiful city I might say. The rappahanoc is the most buetiful thing I’ve seen. Well, not when people swim in it. But it’s how the sun sets in it and the currents push against the rocks… Not all if Virginia is such an ugly wasteland, acually, it’s rather pretty.

  2. Ash

    I feel ya. I was unfortunately born here. The water looks disgusting! I wouldn’t swim in it even if someone payed me! They guys here are also pretty bad. Though of course I’d think that, I don’t like country boys…

    • John Doe

      I’m not the only one!? I believe in Love, Peace, blah bah but I hate the Virginia vibe that people living there have created. So alienating. I am here for another 4 months, the final four months of my gap year. Then I’ll probably move to California or even considering Montreal for a uni to continue a normal life like it was before I entered this god dammed state. I bet death valley has more life than this place. I want more from life, and virginia has absolutely NOTHING to provide and made me realise I must have more from life. Who would want to live in a place like this? I would rather live in a 3rd world country; easily. The only thing I like about Virginia is the nature but thats +1 for mother-earth, not VA.

  3. Janette Doe

    LOL this is hilarious. And to anyone getting truly offended, live a little. (But then again that makes sense because….nevermind.)

    I moved out here from the midwest and the only thing I can say I prefer is the weather.
    Much more expensive, no jobs (all the jobs are in DC & Maryland), dumbass drivers, shitty roads, no decent public transportation that operate at decent times (you miss a rush-hour bus, you’re left stranded), DULL BORING LIFELESS people, Indians/Persians/Arabs/Mexicans who cannot drive for sh!t, absolutely no decent place to go on a date in northern VA besides…uh…DC, hicksville vibes, absolutely NO culture, AND horrible traffic on top of that.
    Oh and agreed with John Doe on VA having nothing to provide. I am now realizing that too.
    Stuck here for about 2 more years however because of school *sigh*.

    Agreed on liking nature in VA though, lol. Weather and nature, that’s about it! Ha!

    • That One Guy

      WOW!! Reading this and the comments are like a breath of fresh air…I really do hate VA and agree with most of what is said, particularly in regards to the jobs. Unless you are in a branch of the service or own a business, getting a decent job is like winning the lottery…more than usual when it comes to landing a good job. Too many people with “holier than thou” attitudes, too many unsophisticated people (this is NOT limited to color of any kind; many people just have little to no respect or class here!) who look at you like “What the HELL are you looking at???” if you so much as say hello to them in passing…you know, because that is just a polite thing to do. Naturally, to add insult to injury, they look at you, probably even stare you up and down, but never respond with a hello back. About as lifeless as a pile of rocks.

      The roads suck major ass, a lot of the military folk I’ve met here (no offense to the good ones who serve us) are snobs and brag about all kinds of shit and have never even been NEAR a battlefield…which is okay, but don’t brag like you are the shit and have been in danger when nothing of the sort has occurred. If that’s the case, where are all the bragging people who are registered with the Selective Service and *could* be sent to do stuff? You are basically on the same level so don’t insult people or act superior…you simply are wearing a uniform and doing a job just like a lot of other people.

      The level of negativity in the state is nearly overwhelming and as a positive person myself, I find myself displaying more negative behavior now than ever before! Anyhoo, I have tried to do meetups, tried to do charity events with people to get some life from people in this state…seldom do people I know want to do anything other than drink and smoke! UGH!! I don’t even give two shits about that, but for crying out loud, have a sense of adventure that goes beyond your phone and trying to look like you have a personality on Facebook or Instagram and the like and ACTUALLY live a little!

      Sorry…had to get that all out of my system. If people don’t care about being ultra superficial and cars and multiple houses and just want to do some good stuff in the area (I’m cool with different good causes and I also like to exercise a lot), that still stands. I can give my info somehow, I guess. Anyway, this article was both funny and true to me for the most part; it was a good read!

    • Jennifer Tucker

      Good God, I finally found the NORMAL people!!!!! This is the most uptight, PURITAN dominant, anal retentive place I have EVER SEEN. And that’s REALLY saying something since I have lived in/been to almost every state in North America (including Hawaii and Canada) so I’d like to think I have a pretty good basis for comparison! This place is GOD-FREAKIN’-AWEFUL and nothing less!

  4. RoyalSaysRelax

    I hate Virginia! I can’t wait to leave if my marriage survives the 3 more years my husband has to be here for work… 1 year down, I’ve made no friends that I like, I haven’t found a job that suits me, everywhere that isn’t a chain bar/restaurant has a local click that reminds me of social circles in high school with bad service and an attitude problem, ugh. I have lived all over the US and have always found a little niche to be part of… not here. I can’t tell if VA hates me or I hate it. End rant.

  5. Ranter

    NO ONE SWIMS IN THE POTOMAC RIVER OF VIRGINIA. IT’S SACRED CODE OF THE DMV AREA. Btw, you can not just categorize a state by looking at the Northern area. And I honestly of all the states of America, Canada is my least favorite, and then Mexico. The Commonwealth of Spain is crap too. And Konohagakure is the best of all states. Virginia is like #28. Maryland is like #35. I have many reasons. D.C isn’t even a state so I’m not even ranking it. New York #5. Also, if you still hate Virginia of all states, *cough* state of the first English Settlement *cough*, there is a legit website THAT IS DEVOTED TO HATING VIRGINIA. And also, my friends from D.C can use the metro pretty well, and um, you said you lived in D.C? Tourists use that and they have no problems. Rant over.

  6. Jacob

    I was born here. I was raised here. I love Virginia. Yeah we’re self entitled, arrogant, country, and maybe even pricks. But at least we aren’t the ghetto human refuse that’s spills forth from Maryland. Or the snobby a$$hole$ from DC. Oh and I feel the same way about Md, why is every single woman online from Maryland. Answer, their personalities. Go f@ck yourselves and if you don’t like our state then live somewhere else you morons.

    • Dan Freeman

      Triggered!!! Came to a site devoted to venting on the shallow, latent racist, cultish, backwater culture of Virginia, and protect its “virtue” with shallow, latent racist, cultish, backwater logic!!! Absolutely triggered!!! Classic!!! Isn’t there a karaoke bar you should be drunk I right now hero?

    • Scott M. Peterson

      And as expected, ole Jacob the native has proven everyone’s point perfectly. Now do us a favor Mr. Commonwealth, pull your tongue off the short bus window and get back to work. Those tacos aren’t going to make themselves…

  7. Anna

    So I need to get this out of my system and vent to all of you. I apologize in advance.

    I COMPLETELY agree with this girls statement. My family and I had to move here from California a year ago and we ABSOLUTELY HATE it here. All four of us equally. The state is not friendly, fun, interesting (unless your a history geek), and just downright BORING. I tried to make friends at my school, and the boys here are just NOT CUTE. SORRY. Before we moved here, I was a complete extrovert and now I am slowly converting into an introvert and it kinda sucks. We’ve only been here a year and I’m literally bursting at the seams. Luckily we are moving back in a couple weeks to Cali and that is the biggest relief. I just laugh at the mean girls on social media who TRY to make their lives look somewhat interesting when there clearly not!! I’m done, just so done. Also before we came here I was so optimistic, positive on life, and now it’s like this negative state has sucked the life out of me!!! And the blood, if your counting bugs and (**gasp! Ticks) There’s no sense of community, belonging, or just general happiness unless you’ve lived here your whole life. Apparently tan Cali girls like me don’t belong in VA. And guess what, we’ve already heard about 2 other families who have this problem adjusting and their moving back too!!! I thought I was the only one who hated this state this much and I’m glad to see I’m not.

    And let’s talk about the schools. Oh yes, there just as bad as you think. Very rigorous and great if you want to get into Yale or their weird obsession with Virginia Tech (why…?) but not if you actually want to enjoy your life. Fun? Ha you must be joking. People just don’t want to be my friend and it’s obvious new people like me just don’t “fit in”

    The nature though is gorgeous:D
    Thank you for your time

  8. G whiz

    I can’t stand Virginia. I hate Virginia so much I stayed up at 4 am to find a blog to rant about how much I hate Virginia. Where to start. Oh yes, the roads. Not just the shit piss drivers, but the pothole infested, over tolled roads. Did I mention that I live in the absolute worst part of Virginia, Hampton Roads? Oh dear god, what could I have possibly ever done to even have a place like Hampton Roads exist?! It’s like living in the largest retirement community on earth. Oh and let’s not forget about the good old fashioned racism. Yes, Virginia is for lovers… Of white supremacy. And I mean everyone is a white supremacist, even the black people. If I see one more black “woman” from Virginia on a dating site saying she only dates white men, I’m going to join ISIS and give them diagrams of the James River bridge. I saw skin whitening cream in a beauty supply store in Norfolk. Not skin lightening cream. You know, to cover those small “imperfections”. No, it was cancer causing, Sammy “sellout” Sosa skin whitening cream. I wouldn’t piss on Virginia if it were on fire. But all least they love the military enough to pander for their vote but still overcharge the hell out of them on rental housing and vehicles. Because, you know, Hampton Roads is home to Citizens United and a host of other tea bagger clubs, and we all know how much they dislike wasting tax dollars. Oh, did I mention, I FUCKING HATE VIRGINIA!!!

  9. G whiz

    I can’t stand Virginia. I hate Virginia so much I stayed up at 4 am to find a blog to rant about how much I hate Virginia. Where to start. Oh yes, the roads. Not just the dimwit drivers, but the pothole infested, over-tolled roads. Did I mention that I live in the absolute worst part of Virginia, Hampton Roads? Oh dear god, what could I have possibly ever done to even have a place like Hampton Roads exist?! It’s like living in the largest retirement community on Earth. Oh and let’s not forget about the good old fashioned racism. Yes, Virginia is for lovers…of white supremacy. And I mean everyone is a white supremacist, even the black people. If I see one more black “woman” from Virginia on a dating site saying she only dates white men, I’m going to join ISIS and give them diagrams of the James River bridge. I saw skin whitening cream in a beauty supply store in Norfolk. Not skin lightening cream…you know, to cover those small “imperfections”, like melanin. No, it was cancer causing, Sammy “sellout” Sosa, I don’t even want to be seen as black, skin whitening cream. I wouldn’t piss on Virginia if it were on fire. But at least they love the military enough to pander to them for their vote, but still overcharge the hell out of them on rental housing and vehicles. Because, you know, Hampton Roads is home to Citizens United and a host of other tea bagger clubs, and we all know how much they dislike wasting tax dollars. Oh, did I mention, I HATE VIRGINIA!!!

  10. Victoria

    I know I’m late to the party, but I HATE VIRGINIA!!! I have been here for almost a year and have made no true friends/social group. I am a pretty sociable person, but they do keep outsiders at a distance. I’ve met a few women who relocated, several years ago (between 5-10 years) and they expressed an unwillingness of Virginians to embrace outsiders. Everyone has this superficial politeness, but yet are socially inept. I mean will it kill you to say “Good Morning”; especially since you stare at me as I walk by. They are rude, judgmental and snobbish. My boss is the queen of being smiley and polite as she gives you a back-handed compliment in her southern twang. I can’t wait to get out this backward ass, podunk state. Richmond rental prices are ridiculous and the drivers are idiots. The only positive, they are so afraid of snow that closings are frequent.

  11. Guglielmo Ventura

    Stationed here via the military, I spend every waking moment of my life planning on getting out of here the first chance the Army says you can go. I have lived lots of places and Northern VA has to be the worst experience of my life. THE FUCKING DRIVERS ARE SIMPLY RETARDED, I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT. They freeze for no apparent reason in the middle of intersections, they sit at stop signs for 2 minutes even though no one is coming, they take super WIDE turns like the are driving a semitrailer truck, even in parking lots, they jump across 3 lanes of traffic so get off at an intersection because they “just” figure out 2 seconds before the exit “hey maybe I should get over” and they do so without regard for human life causing massive accidents. Why because they don’t want to safely turn around down the street OH AND passing on the right is a fucking LAW here it seems every asshole here does it. There are no black people, yes, why because they are too smart to be found here. My God I hate this place… Save me lord.

  12. Mickey

    Fuck Virginia. These inbred redneck fucks just stare at you if you say hello. No social skills whatsoever. You lost the civil war. Get over it! They hate us “yankees” from Maryland. I hate this place and everyone in it. The cops have nothing better to do than to pull over someone for speeding. Fucking speed trap on every corner. These fucktards need subtitles running across their foreheads because you can’t understand a goddamn thing they’re saying. Okay. I feel better. Fuck you Virginia.

  13. Liz

    I’ve been stuck here for over 20 years. We lived in Fairfax county and then Stafford. Stafford was tolerable (for a while) and then it has become the armpit of the East. My family had three cars totaled in separate accidents. The drivers are that awful. The last straw was when the State completed an extension of the HOV along 95 to Garrisonville Road, which succeeded in adding an half hour to everyone’s commute. Everyone avoids the HOV lanes since they are terrified of being charged $20.They sit empty while the lanes on each side are jammed. The cops and state highway patrol don’t do anything about the mess; they’re more interested in harassing commuters to provide income for the local courts. VRE is a relic from the 1950s. The idiotic voters vote the same officials in year after year, no matter how crappy life is becoming. They’re the only ones with job security. When I retire, I will happily leave this state so I can keep the magnificent Commonf*** of Virginia out of my pocket.

  14. g2-fa4233a1e203a5ca881075dc021aa73b

    I moved to Northern Virginia from San Diego about 6 years ago under the assumption that it was this suburban utopia with all kinds of job opportunities and wonderful atmosphere. I lived in Quantico as a child so I thought to myself, “well it can’t be that bad.” Oh how I was so wrong. As I said, I am originally from San Diego so I expected the weather to suck in that swamp they call the old Dominion. The weather was completely detestable. One can’t walk outside without making an inch thick layer of oil on ones face, and a sheen of stink in the crack of ones ass. The winters were cold, like biblical proportions “snowmageddon” level of cold. I don’t know how they are able to charge people the astronomical prices they do for people to live there.

    The people are homogenous. The are all keeping up with the Joneses. It’s a bit like stepford wives. They cannot fuckin drive at all. They are looking around for the soccer mom they know from up the street while not using their turn signals. The traffic makes it impossible to do anything within a reasonable time. The food sucks bad. The Mexican food is made by el Salvadorians. There are fucking cops everywhere with nothing to do so they pull people over for nothing but the roads have no shoulder so they just stop them in the middle of the fuckin road adding to the shitty driving of the soccer moms. There are lots of cultures there but they interact at all. The mix of cultures can be described as more of a chopped salad with a homogenous warm oily dressing than a melting pot. The white people are extra white, the Koreans are extra Korean, the Indians are extra Indian, the blacks are extra black etc. Being from southern California it is a bit weird to start every conversation with me people with “what do you do?” Or “where do you work?” I don’t know if it was just Virginia or the East coast culture in total. Everything and everyone was so ego driven. The new car, the big house with big columns. Everyone asked me “oh youre from California? Oh then you must think you’re so fuckin cool right?” I’m paraphrasing but the sarcastic tone is the core of it. I would always think about how people from California don’t give a single fuck about any state that isn’t touching the Pacific. Now I know it’s for good reason. Now I live in Seattle.

    • Boko

      I wish I had seen this before moving here. That second paragraph hits it all. They’re all so damned arrogant about their schools and how much better everything is here too. Yeah, overall it might have the highest rated schools but it’s not the only place in the nation to find a 10 ranked school and going to a 10 ranked school doesn’t automatically make you better than everyone else.

  15. Sally

    I would have to agree with all of you, I hate NOVA. I am originally from atl and have lived here in Chantilly for 3 years, I barely have any friends, I’m not sure why Ive never had this problem before. We bought a house and we only know one neighbor, our neighbor right next door we never have seen. She only comes out when it snows to rake her driveway. I’m totally chill, I’m in my 30’s have really tried to make it work here. We recently had twins and I thought maybe kids would make a difference,but it hasn’t. I joined a gym which I go to all the time and the people are not wanting to know you. Its strange, what do these people do for fun if they live in Ashburn??I don’t get it. Perhaps people just socialize at work. I’m pretty normal, I’m balanced, but everyone around me is nothing like me. Is it so wrong to want to know your neighbors. I work out all the time, Ive tried to join running clubs nothing, Ive tried emailing and meeting parents of multiples and no response. I guess in time I will get to leave this cookie cutter place. I do love my house, but its so dead here when I walk my kids during the day it depresses me because there is no one out in this huge neighborhood I live in. I don’t get it, We are adorable and still nothing. Cant wait to get the heck out of here, and you all are right the only people who seem happy here are the people that have lived here their whole lives. I seriously was hip and edgy before I moved here and VA has made me introverted and square. SO sad. Thank you listening to me vent.

    On the plus the wineries are great, but the summers are so hot, for god sake we cant do shit. Its best to stay in.

  16. maryland sucks less balls than YOU

    i’m from maryland living in VA. the ONLY place i ever heard anything about marylanders hating on VA was from… VA.

    boy do these virginians hate marylanders. sorry to interject but i think the wound is SELF INFLICTED!

    whenever i set foot IN ONE place (and so far the ONLY place who’s got anything bad to say about maryland and it’s people) they drop their former topic then piss and moan about how god awful maryland is.

    WTF? one more time of this harassment and i guess i’ll have to mention the following…

    1. this office is the ONLY place that makes complaints of this ilk.
    2. the complaints seem only to take place when i’m present: someone from maryland.
    3. they know i’m from MD due to the application i had to file with this office of concern.
    4. i feel aggression towards me via these individuals in a PROFESSIONAL enviroment.
    5. they can suck my ass.

    virginia is for LO$ER$

    hate maryland soo much they can STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT.

    and i’ve not had a thing to say about VA or it’s residents.

    until now of course. after 13 yrs of this persistence from this place in question i feel it may be directed towards me.
    (seeing how i’m the ONLY one formerly of MD in this office.)

    • neverchortle

      This is so true. I hear these complaints about Maryland all the time. When I ask “whats so bad about Maryland?” The jist of the response is that people there are, (gasp!) “liberals” or (double gasp!) black.

  17. Alexander Pennington

    Some parts I hate too like Manassas. Inside the beltway like Fairfax County, Falls Church, Arlington, Springfield, Alexandria, and Maryland is nice though. Really nice actually. Just Manassas I despise, it depresses me.

  18. diane

    I had to write this to get this off my chest and maybe someone somewhere will read it.THIS FUCKING STATE CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE>never ever try to move to Virginia or esp DC AREA.unless you want to be depressed have panic attacks have no real friends or have bad relationships full of stress .ok so unless you make 400.000 a year forget it even 100.000 is not enough in this pathetic shithole of a place.i wish this place just would disspaear forver..I AM MOVING IN 1 year or less and I WILL NEVER F@@@@ come back here again. and no one can stop me.I will live in my car if I have to but not stay here.As soon as a cross the North Carolina state line I feel million times better.I don’t know if anyone feels the same but if you do feel the same leave if you still can don’t wait.

    • Ruth

      I agree 100%. I moved here because of a divorce around 7 years ago during middle and high school. It was the worst time of my life. Living here I have never been so depressed. I’m hoping to move after I retake a class in the fall. I just can’t stand it here and to the people that say leave VA, don’t worry we’all be out of here!

    • Jennifer Tucker

      OMG, It is SO TRUE! Every time I cross the state line back into Tennessee I feel the oppression lift off. This place is such a bad omen. Here’s your first clue- the VERY FIRST THING YOU SEE WHEN YOU CROSS THE STATE LINE FROM TENNESSEE IS “Radar Detectors Illegal” right in front of the sign that says “Speed limit enforced by aircraft” which is right in front of the flashing blue lights pulling someone over! You can capture the personality of this place- LITERALLY- within the first 60 seconds of crossing the state line!


    Thank you for defining exactly what Northern Virginia is like, I believe it us sexual abuse there, many children I grew up with there we abused as children. There is a wierd psychotic nature about people there. Not very family oriented. And there is a wierd cult LIKE atmosphere to the political structure there in the area and state as well. And lets not talk about corruption, they should change the AREAS name to” CORRUPTION ” in my book.
    Horrible pshycotic cult like bullies abound there. It must trickle down from the top,and the unhappiness of the home/work life and lack of healthy social outletts.

  20. creamcheese

    Was forced to live in NOVA for four years now….from NJ..this IS certainly an experience….although where I lived all my life in the Metro area…you tend to get numb to the annoying things around you that are happening..like constant building..constant noise, constant jets flying over head, constant arguments and aggressive behavior from people…ALL BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE CITY….and where does it get you…ok….the North has MUCH MUCH BETTER FOOD THAN VIRGINIA…OMG….here…its terrible….the quality of food is really far from good. Fast food rules here…especially with West Virginian people I noticed…more lower income..lower IQ too…….I find the people not too friendly..they may smile or say HOWDY ….but..its becoming more like everyone is in their own world……I don’t like it here at all…I was uprooted against my will and had to move here into one room into my brothers home of which we don’t get along too well…..its not something I recommend to anyone….although I have a part time job….I have a lot of trouble getting a JOB I really want..cause I don’t KNOW anyone here.and no one extends their help to you…I think the Civil War never ended here with most of the people and they resent me cause I am from the north….but…my impressioin here is not a good one……..cops are very courteous though….I cant say much about that…….my job sucks big time and all these people seem to be involved in is THEMSELVES…its ALL ABOUT ME….well…it is a liberal state. …I have had a lot of trouble here with the DMV, amongst other things..they are just fucked up here….confused or whatever..they cant focus and talk too much.too….Housing is terrible..nothing that looks like it could stand a good gust of wind….well…most of this area I live in was farmland at one time….they should’ve kept it that way….people destroy everything….they are very selfish here I think. Drugs are rampant…homeless people walking the streets….scarey…..then I looked up Neighborhood scout and found out my hometown in NJ was SAFER THAN HERE….terrible…..how could this be? Forget about making some kind of friends here..if youre over 50…UGH….they have their clicks….and I said..they are still fighting the civil war.


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