Shit. I’m Older….


I just recently realized how old I am and this is why:

1.  I’m deathly afraid of driving at night..and if it’s raining…we will most certainly all die.

2. I cant see shit. Like at all. Nothing.

3. I have a real affinity for home wares and things that chop others things really finely.

4. Last night I had a dream about knitting. I knitted myself a house… the walls were all floppy.

5. I actually read books and like them.

6. Getting lupus is a real possibility.

7. There are people alive that haven’t seen Billy Madison or Jurassic Park. LAME.

8. Pulling “all nighters” sounds exhausting. Why would you not want to sleep? I’m tired right now for no reason.

9. I think I have arthritis.

10. Sometimes I get heartburn when I eat cereal.

Take the age test…..

YUP. You are old too.


  1. Carebarely

    11. I have, like, no short term memory. Those things slipped ma mind… *poof* …gone….
    12. Oh, I remember now because I wrote it down! I have to document everything via pictures, post its, email reminders, and every form of social media because I am trying to feel ‘with it’ and pretend I have a better memory than I do.

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