My Mom Likes Cats. A Lot.

I get a cat video that my mom films in our backyard  every couple of days and I find them to be the most hilarious thing since slice bread. Which is not that funny but definitely game changing.

A little back story — my mom has a cat named Brahma (like the Indian god of creation..duh.). SHE LOVES THIS CAT. Recently, another cat has been frequenting the backyard. Mom calls it “Big Cat” for no other reason than it is a big cat. Documenting their budding friendship has become her new found hobby and the commentary that goes along with it is just an added bonus.

“Big Cat Getting Frisky” is the actual name of the video sent to me. This video ends with a sequence of trailing off “meows.”


Big cat is the one with the fluffy tail and looks weathered. This video includes statement, “Cant chase Brahma, he’s the boss.”


We didn’t know if “Big Cat” was a boy or girl until recently (my mom checked, she told me that she did.) and it is in fact a girl. Also, when it showed up last week with a collar on (we’ve been feeding it for months thinking it was a stray) the collar also told us its name was “Smors.” I hate everything about that last sentence…Anyways, here’s that cat again — eating.


Soooooooooooo….that happened.

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