I Cant “Shimmy” Out?

Follow up to blog post “Temp Work at its Finest

…Oh and yesterday was the day I got stuck in the elevator at my shitty ass job. I wasn’t able to “shimmy” out due to the fact the doors were shut. The building was being evacuated because the fire alarm went off. I take burning buildings seriously. I ran down 13 flights of stairs in screaming hysterics with arms flailing…. turns out it was a drill. But no one told me cause I’m just a temp. Anywhos, we were all outside in one giant mass of people and everyone was discussing how we were going to get back in because the lifts come by every leap year and then during that year, breakdown every 5 minutes. The elevator was fooooked,  I spent 35 minutes in the there with 15 other people having a claustrophobic panic attack. People were pushing and jumping about like we were fighting for Titanic lifeboats. “Move it young man from the IT department, women and children first.” Why is this ok? Should everyone just be fine with the fact that they will most likely be stuck in the elevator. When people leave and walk by the front desk they typically  say to me “Wish me luck, I have my phone”. “Ummm good luck?”… you wanna bring a snack too and maybe a sodoku book? There is no reason why occupants of this building should have to literally prepare themselves for an elevator breakdown. That’s like constantly buying canned goods and water jugs to maintain a fully stocked bomb bunker or walking around with a helmet on. There is just no need, nor should there be. This building is gh-etto..


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